Privacy Policy

Last Revised 7 MAR 2018.

Overview: Our business model is based on making consumer privacy easy to achieve. Likewise, we want your privacy to be easy to understand. We will handle your personal data with the utmost care and we are dedicated to keeping it secure.

Data Use: We only collect the data we need to provide you with our services:

  • Email address for forwarding
  • Blocked sender addresses
  • Sender addresses for replying
  • Total size of emails transmitted up to a maximum of 30 days
  • Incoming emails that are not delivered because you are over your usage quota may be stored for up to 30 days (at your discretion?)
  • Information provided by you on any of your Masques

We never sell your data. Nor do we share any personal data about your online activity or use it to target you individually.

3rd Party Access: Under certain circumstances we may have to share your data. For example, if you purchase any of our services we will have to share your payment details with Stripe ( in order to process your payment.

Data Storage: We store your data on Amazon Web Services servers in the EU-West (Dublin) region, which is covered by the AWS Privacy Policy. We will retain identifiable user data for a maximum of 3 months after a user has cancelled an account, except for any payment-related information that we are required to retain by law.

Data Ownership: Your data is yours and will always belong to you. You can at any time request a complete copy of your data.

Law enforcement: We won’t provide your information unless we’re compelled by law with a valid court order in Ireland. If this happens, we will take every lawful measure to inform you.

Website Cookies: We use only a strictly necessary cookie to allow you to remain logged-in to your account. You can find more information about cookies at and

Changes: If we change this Privacy Policy we will post it on our website and change the “Last Revised” date above.

Everything below the following line is not part of this Privacy Policy and can be ignored. For now. I somewhat prefer the format and may adopt it at a later date.

Who we are and what this covers

This Privacy Policy applies to information that we collect about you when you use our websites, our mobile applications, and other products available through our

Information we collect

We only collect information about you if we have a reason to do so.

Information you provide to us
  • Basic account information. We ask for basic information from you in order to set up your account. We require a valid email address, to which you can verify that you have access, in order to provide a forwarding endpoint for email sent to the Masqt email address we provide for you.
  • Transaction and billing information. If you buy something from us (for example, a premium subscription), you will provide us with additional payment and personal information that is required to process the transaction and your payment, such as your name, credit card information, and contact information.
  • Contact information. If you choose to invite other users to Masqt, we will store details about you and the invitation’s recipient in order to remember whose bandwidth limit should increase when an invitation is accepted. We only store pending invitations; we destroy them when they are accepted, and you can rescind a pending invitation at any time in order to delete it from our servers.
  • Information about blocked senders. When you indicate that you want to block emails from a particular sender, we store that information in order to fulfil your request.
Information we collect automatically

We also collect some information automatically.

  • Log information. We collect information that web browsers, mobile devices and servers typically make available.
  • Usage information. We collect information in aggregate about the quantity of data directed to you that passes through our system.
  • Emails sent to your email addresses. We collect emails sent to email addresses that we have allotted to you and store them while they are being processed. Emails are automatically deleted after a fixed period of time (72 hours except in case of downtime on the part of our service providers).

How we store our information

While the precise details of how we store information about you are sensitive, we can tell you the following.

  • Information that

How we use information

We use information about you as mentioned above and as follows:

  • To provide our Services: for example, to set up and maintain your account, forward emails to your Masques.

Sharing information

We do not sell our users’ personal information.

We share information about you in the limited circumstances outlined below and with appropriate safeguards on your privacy.

  • As required by law. We may be legally obliged to disclose information about you.
    It is our policy to turn over private information only in response to a valid subpoena, search warrant, or court order, in each case issued by an Irish authority in compliance with Irish law.
  • To protects rights and property.