Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Masqt?

Masqt is your digital shield. It helps you safely and easily protect your personal data, both online and off.

We do this by giving you working yet disposable alternatives to your personal or professional email address and phone number.

Masqt email addresses are free. They forward email to you and can be created at the touch of a button from your dashboard.

Masqt virtual phone numbers forward calls and texts to you, and can be leased through your dashboard.

Masques are your pseudo-identities — a way to keep track of your Masqt emails and Masqt numbers.

Masqt allows you to protect your personal information in the space of minutes for any situation. Whether it is signing up to an online newsletter, dating, creating social accounts or even booking a night away in a hotel, our unlimited masked email addresses and our virtual numbers allow you to safely shop online, make bookings, or even socialise without having to give up your personal information.

Whenever or wherever you are uncomfortable giving out your actual email address or phone number, Masqt is there to provide you with virtual alternatives.

What is a Masque?

A Masque is a pseudo-identity.

Let’s say you want to sell your handcrafted doodads online. You can create a Masque for that purpose with an email address for eBay and another for Etsy. If your customers need to contact you by phone, you can add a Masqt virtual number to that Masque and publish that number.

That’s the idea, anyway. Currently a Masque is an identity for a single Masqt email address. We’re working on making Masques more flexible so you can tailor them to your needs.

You start off with 12 Masques. You can create more by tapping the ‘plus’ button on the Masques section in your dashboard.

How does Masqt email work?

Your Masqt email addresses forward email to the address you used to sign up for Masqt. They are free and always will be.

By default you can reply to emails you receive through your Masqt email addresses. This can be disabled in the settings.

You can block senders using the link at the top of any email forwarded through Masqt. Blocked addresses can be added to and removed from any of your Masques in your dashboard.

How is Masqt email free (are you selling my data or advertising to me)?

We are absolutely not selling your data and we never will.

Nor will we ever use any advertising networks on our platforms.

We would be happy to accept sponsorships. If you would like to sponsor Masqt, please email  and we will find a way to proudly showcase your generosity on our website (if that suits you, of course).

To keep the lights on, we charge for virtual phone number subscriptions and make a small margin on each one.

Please let us know on our feedback form if you would like to donate, or even just to say ‘hi’.

How do Masqt phone numbers work?

Calls and texts to your Masqt numbers forward to the mobile number you provide us when you order a Masqt number.

Voice calls forward directly through your Masqt number to your mobile as if it isn’t even there. They appear to come in as a normal call from the originating number, and you can see who is calling you if the number isn’t blocked on their end.

Text (SMS) messages come into your phone from your Masqt number. The text message will begin with the originating number and the full text message will follow.

You can block numbers from your Masqt dashboard in the Numbers area.

If a blocked number tries to call you it rings out to a “not in service” message.

Can I call out from my Masqt phone number?

We are planning a feature to allow you to return calls by calling your Masqt number and typing in the number you are trying to reach.

Can I text from my Masqt phone number?

Yes you can. To reply to a text message, begin that message with the last four digits of the sender’s number and a space. We will route it through our system so that your message appears to come from your Masqt number.

Do I get voicemail at a Masqt phone number?

Since calls to your Masqt number forward through to your mobile, they can indeed get picked up by your provider’s voicemail service.

How much does Masqt cost?

Masqt email is free and there’s no limit to the number of masked email addresses you can have.

Masqt virtual phone numbers are billed monthly, and can be ordered through your dashboard. You can choose between one of three plans: Mime, Jester, and Harlequin. Their prices are different depending on the region they’re in, and in the EU they’re inclusive of VAT.

Please feel free to give us feedback on this or any other aspect of Masqt so we can make it better for you.

Where are Masqt phone numbers available?

We are currently offering numbers in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

How can I contact support?

Please send support requests to (PGP key).

How can I delete my Masqt account and what happens to my Masqt data?

In the dashboard, go to Settings and click on ‘Deactivate your account’. This will disable all your Masqt email addresses and phone numbers. We will keep your account in a disabled state for a grace period of two weeks in case you wish to restore your account.

After two weeks we will remove all your personal data.

Your Masqt email addresses have to remain orphaned in our system indefinitely to prevent them from ever being re-issued to someone else. Once your personal data is removed, though, all links to your Masqt email addresses are removed and can not be connected back to you in our system.

Your Masqt phone numbers will be released. A Masqt phone number will then go through a period of activity monitoring. Once they are clean they can be re-issued to a new owner.

If you want us to manually delete your Masqt account in some other fashion, please email (PGP key) and we’ll respond within two working days.

Which devices can I use Masqt on?

The Masqt dashboard is accessible through this website (or directly at

Emails sent to your Masqt addresses will arrive in the inbox of your email provider, so you don’t need to do anything extra.

You will need a mobile telephone to use Masqt virtual phone numbers. Any mobile phone will do.

We are developing iOS and Android apps to deliver additional functionality and convenience to users on those platforms.

Once I have used my free phone number, am I able to get a new one?

Absolutely. Just go to the Numbers area in your Masqt dashboard and switch from the “manage” tab to the “buy” tab.

Which countries is Masqt available in?

Masqt email addresses are available everywhere for free.

Masqt virtual phone numbers are available everywhere as well; however, we are currently offering numbers from the following countries:

  • United Kingdom (+44)
  • France (+33)
  • United States (+1)
  • Canada (+1)

We will add numbers in other countries as soon as we can do so affordably.

How can I configure my Masqt settings?

Settings are available in the Settings area in your Masqt dashboard

Why isn’t my question answered in this FAQ?

Our bad!

You can ask us your question anonymously on our feedback page or email feedback to . or

Please email support requests to .

while we redevelop our phone plans for new regions and to comply with new EU directives.

We plan to have everything back up and running by the end of September.

Serious apologies for the inconvenience.

If you want us to email you with updates, drop us a line at(PGP public key)