Your Digital Shield

Protect your personal data, safely and securely, online and off.


Rows of Venetian masks in a shop

Keep your personal data private by replacing it with a persona: a Masque.

A Masque comes with a masked email address, and you can give it a name, record the situation you use it in, and attach a virtual phone number.

You can have a Masque for any situation: dating, online shopping, travel booking, newsletters, subscriptions, or whatever else you want to keep your personal info private.

Masked Email

Businesswoman in a mask holding up an "at" symbol.

Your email address is your online identity. Everywhere you use it, you have to trust that it’s not going to be sold and used to track you, or hacked and used to attack you. That’s a lot of trust.

Masqt frees you from the burden of trust.

Masqt gives you unlimited, randomly-generated, masked email addresses (e.g. ) for free. Masqt Email Addresses forward email to your real email address. You can even safely block or reply to senders.

Masked Phone Numbers

People in public on mobile phones

Ever worry about giving out your real phone number?

Stop worrying.

For a fraction of the cost of new handset and SIM, simply order a Masqt Virtual Number that forwards texts and calls straight to your mobile.

If someone is bothering you on that number, you can block them or just get another number. Your Masqt Virtual Numbers can’t be hijacked or used to track your location.